About us

  • Altamayoz almakki consulting office has been has been officially established and licensed since 1429 hijri -2008, although the modernity of establishing, thanks to Allah Almighty we have made major achievements in Restructuring office, as a result the office become classified and certified engineering consulting office, We’ve become highly qualified to supervision the engineering work skillfully and professionalism within three years from the start.
  • Thanks to Allah first and to the experience and professionalism of the founder of the office Dr. Engineer / Ahmed Ali Bayazeed, where his practical experience extends over twenty-eight years in the service of the dear country , where he begin a career as a civil engineer in Holy City Municipality and then a chief of UMRAH subset Municipality 1404-1407h during the period (1984 to 1987), then a chief of ALOTAIBIH subset Municipality during the period 1407-1410h (1987-1990), then as general manager of the operation and maintenance thirteenth Functional class on 18/11/1412h (19/5/1992), Then deputy mayor the Holy City Municipality fourteenth Functional class on 12/20/1414 H  30 / 5 / 1994, and assigned to work on behalf of the mayor of the Holy City during the absence of deputies since 1415 –1995,then deputy in charge of the holy capital Municipality since 10/1427  until 03/09/1428 (2007 / 2006) .

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