Traffic engineering & Planning Transportation

Makkah al-Mukarramah

fast-growing represented in major projects in the central area, making the work of a comprehensive traffic studies for these projects to get to know the impact of these facilities on the traffic and the consequent negative impact on the existing road networks and the movement of future traffic requires, and then proposed solutions and appropriate recommendations, and test their contribution to minimizing these negative impacts or reduce them.

Traffic in Makkah and the advantage of being different from any other city of the existence of the Hajj and Umrah seasons. As a result, the Heavy traffic is different in those periods for normal days where not only the residents of the city, but it also extends to the arrivals in those seasons from all over the world.

 central area (within the Second Ring Road) surrounding the Haram al-Sharif increasingly represented in a number of major construction projects aimed at the service of pilgrims in the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims throughout the year and especially the seasons of Ramadan and summer holidays and perhaps the rest of the months of the year, especially after the issuance of the High orders and instructions of the Organization for Umrah and visit for those coming from outside Saudi Arabia. Among the projects that have been implemented and are currently serving Omar mountain project residential and commercial

Survey engineering

Altamayoz almakki survey categorized class

 (a), the office performs survey work, study and design roads, and also prepare contour maps and grid leveling, using the latest Survey equipment according to the technical specifications required, such as

GPS. Total Station

Electromechanical engineering

Altamayz almakki in Mecca Engineering Consultancy Office designed the mechanical and electrical drawings required by the project:

water supply and drainage system

Fire-fighting system

irrigation system

 – Air conditioning system of all kinds

provides BOQ and specification for mechanical work. 

A network of medical gases in health facilities

electrical load calculation 

Design of electrical systems (lighting ……


Construction Engineering

Altamayoz Almakki Consulting Engineers have a qualified engineers, using the latest computer software to design the construction plans of the ceil, the columns and foundations and to make sure that the designs are resistant to earthquakes and strong winds.

 In addition to design:

1- Sector’s details in all parts of the building to ensure easy implementation of architectural designs.

2- All construction details required by the architectural design of the parts of the building

3- Prepare the BOQ and specifications for construction work.

4-Provide technical opinion in any dispute that may happen between the employer and any of the contractors and give advice to the employer to show the right attitude and arguments before the judicial authorities, which shall be considered in such disputes .

5- Approved the final money Statement of the work by the various contractors after final acceptance of the work.

6-planning formula for letters of guarantee and ratification of the contractors for businesses that need to ensure the certificates.

7- Retain all paperwork from the project plans, correspondence, reports, test results and quotes and everything related to the project with the Office for perusal by the owner or his representative


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