The speech of founder

Dr ph

I seek Allah’s protection from the rejected Satan, In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Say: ((Allah will see your works and so will His Messenger and the believers; then you shall be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the visible, and He will inform you of what you were doing.))   9 Repentance -Al-Tawba (9.105)

  • In the introduction to my speech I pray to ALLAH Almighty like the prophet Solomon and the Prophet Mohamed best Pease be upon them.
  • I seek Allah’s protection from the rejected Satan, In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Most Merciful
    • ((My Lord, inspire me that I should be thankful for Your blessing with which You have blessed me and my parents, and that I may do good works that will please You. Admit me, by Your Mercy, among your righteous worshipers.))(27.19)
  • It’ a blessing and honor from ALLAH that made me one of the sons of his holy land Umm Al Qura Makkah al mukarramah
  • It’s a grace from ALLAH Almighty that made my birth and my hometown in Makkah and just a few meters away from the Haram al-Sharif in AJYAD District and grew up on Makkah’s origins and values, I lived my childhood and my youth in Makkah I learned and studied at the Haram al- Sharif and public schools at all levels, Allah completed his blessings and grace that chose me after graduation from the university and he choose me from among many of my colleagues to serve my country as a government employee over twenty-eight years I spent it serving ALLAH’s holy land Makkah al-Mukarramah.
  • Add to that the greatest honor is serving the holy land pilgrims and visitors at the various repetitive and successive religious seasons, which are not interrupted forever, the Hajj and Umrah seasons.
  • And through my services in the Holy Capital Municipality for over three decades almost, since I graduated from college and joined the work in the state in the first month of Ramadan in 1400 Hijri, Where I was appointed to the position as a civil engineer and then gradually work became Director of Administration and then head of more than subset Municipality ,and then as general manager for operation and maintenance after participating in the development and establishment that department in 1409 and then appointed an agent to the of the Holy Capital of reconstruction projects for more than sixteen-year, Which has been assigned to the Deputy Mayor of the holy capital several times during the absence of the mayor and the deputies and was most recently in the years 1427/1428 Hijri.
  • Although my career was in the technical and engineering field, but being one of the top leadership in the holy capital Municipality my services was not confined to one field but it had a many contributions in all fields especially in the religious seasons (the Hajj – the month of Ramadan).
    • In 1428, 2007 submitted a request for early retirement of the government work, because many obvious causes to the people of Mecca, then I preferred to leave to preserve my honorable history during my service , after the approval of my early retirement I took a short break no more than three months.
    • Then I decided to continue serving Makkah and distinguished people, pilgrims and visitors, through practicing my main profession, Educational attainment as a civil engineer and practical experience in engineering consulting.
  • Thanks to Allah Almighty I got practicing engineering consulting license and start practicing the activity at1429/2008
  • I intend and determination since the beginning of establishment the office to choose a name (Altamayoz almakki Consulting Engineers) so that all the office work, expressing his name, I have always been keen to achieve the true concept of this name, to be a special works based on high professional credibility and transparency with customers and provide services to the satisfaction of God Almighty and achieve the aspirations of our valued customers in various categories , tastes and contribute in all different engineering consultancy services in Makkah and throughout our beloved country( kingdom of Saudi Arabia ) , And harness all our expertise and scientific and practical potential. Put my trust in God first, and in our qualified manpower that have been selected carefully to be able to do the implementation of administrative and technical consulting engineering services required in an honorable way and appropriate with the major urban renaissance and stunning expansion in our dear country in all fields and in all requirements administrative regions , in order to achieve excellence in all our business have been identified the foundations of the principles and values of our work of the office are reflected in the letter, vision and goals.

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